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Capturing The Action

Bringing the excitement of a live show to a viewer through a still photograph isn’t always the easiest method, but it’s a challenge I gladly accept. The enthusiasm of the crowd, the energy of the artist and their band, the lighting, and the venue are all key components of a great live show¬†and my goal is to capture them in a way that brings the show to life through photography.

Capturing The Moment

More than anything, music is about emotions. A fan staring in awe at their idol, bandmates interacting onstage, an artist’s face during a standing ovation, these are the moments that tell the stories. Above all, shots like these are the ones I want to capture. My goal is to bring the show to life for viewers and capture¬†memories to look back on for you as an artist.

Capturing The Grind

Taking center stage in a packed venue is only a fraction of an artist’s career. The daily grind – early bus calls, rehearsals, soundcheck, songwriting sessions, backstage antics – that’s the life of a musician. They are as much a part of the story as the stage lights and scores of fans. The whole story should be told & I’m happy to help you do that.

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Want to tell the whole story to your fans, while collecting memories for you and the people who make it happen every single night? Let’s hit the road.


Playing a local show in or near Nashville and need live music photography with a quick turnaround time? I’ve got you covered.


Whether at my in-home studio or your location, I will partner with you to create images that show the world who you really are.

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