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Country music artists & fans are as loyal as they come. In the wake of the tragic events in Las Vegas on October 1st, 2017, I put together this sildeshow tribute to honor country music fans all over the world, but most importantly, those who were killed, injured and traumatized by this horrific event.

As a live music photographer, I’ve photographed countless country music concerts and festivals, to include Route 91 Harvest Festival in 2015. I was supposed to be there again this year, was approved for a media credential, and made a last minute decision not to go. I can’t begin to imagine the pure terror and heartache that those who attended the festival are dealing with.

Other than donating money to the various fundraisers benefiting the victims, I felt helpless in the wake of this tragedy. So, I fell back on what I know and that is photography. This slideshow is a collection of photos from the past several years showing artists and fans interacting, something that so many were doing Sunday night when it all changed in an instant. I pray that those who made it through will find the strength to eventually return to doing what they love, even if it takes time. Your country music community is with you. Together, we’re all #CountryStrong and #VegasStrong.

All images ©Vanessa Storm Photography

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